The world is in the midst of an unprecedented global catastrophe with devastating impacts that will be felt for generations. We cannot neglect education when taking steps to address the impacts of this crisis. More than 1.5 billion children and youth – over 90 percent of the world’s students – have been impacted by school closures in 191 countries. Risks go well beyond temporary disruptions to learning as millions of children – especially girls – may never return to school. The associated financial crisis is putting education budgets in jeopardy and exacerbating the learning crisis that was already threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of children before the pandemic.

Without an education, this generation’s aspiring doctors, lawyers, teachers, and innovators will not be able to realize their dreams or help their families, communities, and nations prosper. We must protect education investments to save lives.
Read the latest brief on how the International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd), together with its multilateral development bank partners, could help mitigate COVID-19’s impact on learning.