Learning Transformation

Reimagining learning for the future

The Commission is developing a research-into-action global initiative that tests and evaluates how teachers can harness the potential of adaptive learning software to deliver personalized learning at scale. In combination with effective pedagogies, these more personalized, flexible learning solutions will equip students with the 21st century skills needed for the future of work.

Exploring new models of learning

Now, more than ever, we need to reimagine, rebuild, and reset how children learn in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. We are exploring “High Touch High Tech” learning approaches which personalize learning for every child. Does combining adaptive learning technologies with tailored support from teachers produce more inclusive learning and acquisition of higher order skills? Initial evidence is promising, but experiences are still too few and far between. The ecosystem for scale and potential impact in different contexts need to be studied further.

We have prototyped a High Touch High Tech grade 7 maths program in Vietnam which has shown significant impact on learning outcomes. We are now assessing how this approach can be used at scale. We are engaging with a number of other countries to test this approach. We aim to create a global research and peer learning initiative by developing a rigorous evidence base, engaging with interested partners, and developing a collaborative network to support the reform process and investment in this emerging area.

Read the country report on our High Touch High Tech work in Vietnam here.

HTHT for All Global Consortium

Spearheaded by the Commission’s Asia Hub led by Commissioner Ju-Ho Lee, the HTHT for All Global Consortium is a multisectoral, multidisciplinary effort across governments, multilateral organizations, philanthropies, CSOs, industry and EdTech players, and teachers and the education workforce. The consortium aims to develop a rigorous evidence base, engage partners, and create a collaborative network to support bold ways to address the digital divide.

Learn more about this effort to design, test, and scale HTHT worldwide here. If you’re interested in joining the consortium, please contact HTHTconsortium@educationcommission.org.

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