In September 2017, Commissioner Amel Karboul presented at the TED@BCG event in Milan, and we’re thrilled that her talk is now featured on

In her talk, Dr. Karboul describes a dire education crisis: Today, more than a quarter of a billion children are out of school. Millions more are in school, but failing to learn. Unless we change course now, the world is on track to leave behind half of all the world’s children – more than 800 million of them – by 2030. “The most important infrastructure we have is educated minds,” she tells us. But we’re failing to invest in them the way we would with more visible projects like bridges and roads.

But there is cause for hope. Through the Commission’s action plan, we can change the way the world funds and delivers education to get all children in school and learning. We can do it in one generation. The stakes could not be higher. Dr. Karboul closes her talk with a call to action: “Quality education for all – that’s the freedom fight we’ve got to win.”



After watching Dr. Karboul’s inspiring TED Talk, we encourage you to discover the Learning Generation and read about the four transformations needed to deliver a quality education to all children: improving performance, unleashing innovation, delivering inclusion, and expanding finance. Together, we can deliver quality education to all children.