Watch the High Touch High Tech for All call to action featured at the Philanthropy Asia Summit

At the recent Philanthropy Asia Summit spearheaded by the Temasek Foundation, the Commission’s High Touch High Tech for All (HTHT) initiative was showcased as a key call to action to harness AI and personalized learning to tackle the education crisis. The summit was attended virtually and in-person by more than 300 philanthropists, business leaders, academics, policymakers, and key stakeholders from Singapore and across the globe.

UN Special Envoy for Global Education and Commission Chair Gordon Brown delivered the keynote speech on the great promise of HTHT – with its combination of AI-powered personalized learning and the human touch of teachers – to address the urgency of the global learning crisis. Highlights of the presentation (see video above) include:

  • The voice of the youth: Khaloula del Prado, a 13-year-old girl from the Philippines who has witnessed firsthand the true power of education, talks about what it’s like for a young person to learn and struggle during COVID-19, her bright hopes for the future, and her key message to grownups
  • The promise of High Touch High Tech for All: Founder and Chairperson of Education Commission Asia and Education Commissioner Ju-Ho Lee explains the two engines driving educational change: High Touch, provided by teachers, and High Tech, provided by technology
  • The call to action: Amy Bellinger, Director of Programs and HTHT Lead, shares exciting new plans to expand HTHT across Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines) and Africa (Ghana)
  • Private sector perspective on HTHT’s potential: Ayala Corporation’s President and CEO Fernando Zobel de Ayala discusses how we are now at a unique moment to harness the full potential of HTHT to drive tremendous social impact and the role businesses can play in this transformation
  • The rise to action: Videos from country partners in Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Uruguay, and Vietnam showcase powerful voices on the evidence and insight into what works in education on the ground

If you would like to find out more about the HTHT Call to Action for Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, please contact Rose Sagun: