Education Commission Delegation Arrives in Republic of Tunisia

(TAP) – President of the Republic, Béji Caid Essebsi, received a delegation from the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity led by Jakaya Kikwete, Commission member and Tanzania’s former President, with attendance of Education Minister Néji Jalloul.

According to a Presidency of the Republic press release, Kikwete presented the President of the Republic with a report from the commission including recommendations aimed to improve the education sector in Tunisia, provide it with the necessary funding and develop new mechanisms to help Tunisia be one of the advanced countries in this field.

He also reviewed the activities of the Commission, which was created in 2015 with the mission to find sources of financing from countries, organisations and the private sector to help low- and middle-income countries improve the quality of education.

Kikwete expressed “confidence” that Tunisia will succeed to achieve the expected goals, given its secular educational experience and its reform of the current education system, adding that the international commission has chosen Tunisia to join the pioneer countries in matters of education reform.

The President of the Republic welcomed the initiative, laying emphasis on Tunisia’s growing interest in the education sector since independence and its commitment to improving the quality of education and reform the education sector.

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