Listen to Commission Chair Gordon Brown’s keynote at the Global Leaders Forum 2020

UN Special Envoy for Global Education and Commission Chair Gordon Brown delivered the keynote address for the 8th annual Global Leaders Forum 2020, an in-person and virtual gathering of international leaders and innovators hosted by TV Choson on November 16-17 in Seoul, Korea that attracted more than 3000 participants.

“We are more aware than ever of inequality: of families and children denied opportunity, of the vast gap between the education rich and the education poor. There is now no route to the future that does not have education at its center. No route to greater equality of opportunity that does not involve education. No route to more prosperous economies, stronger communities, and fairer societies without investing in education.”

Brown’s remarks highlighted the urgency of the global learning crisis that has been tragically exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Education Commission’s efforts – in partnership with an unprecedented global coalition of international organizations – to call for prioritizing education investment to prevent a generational catastrophe with the #SaveOurFuture campaign and White Paper.

He put forward three critical areas for action: 1) the safe reopening of schools so they can resume delivering vital services such as health and nutrition to children, and protect the education workforce; 2) making education investments a key element of COVID recovery strategies with the International Finance Facility for Education as an innovative way to unlock new financing for education; and 3) transforming education to make it more inclusive and adaptive and to harness technology for those left furthest behind.

Chair Brown also announced the launch of High Touch High Tech for All – a global consortium spearheaded by the Commission’s Asia Hub led by Commissioner Ju-Ho Lee that will be a multisectoral and multidisciplinary effort across governments, EdTech innovators, industry providers, CSOs, and educators to develop a rigorous evidence base, engage partners, and develop a collaborative network to support bold ways to address the digital divide. Brown issued a call to action for new partners from across the ecosystem to join this consortium in hopes of accelerating learning progress for ALL children and equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in the post-pandemic world and beyond.