Approximately one ago we launched the breakthrough Learning Generation report. Now we are proud to share an update highlighting our progress. The 2017 Progress Report brings the Commission’s Four Transformations –  improve performance, unlock innovation, ensure inclusion and expand finance – to life.

 Download the 2017 Progress Report

The Commission’s Progress Report:

  • Addresses the strength of our recommendations. And outlines the ambitious yet credible action plan guiding this work.
  • Includes vivid descriptions of the more than a dozen Pioneer Country visits held – from Ghana to Vietnam.
  • Conveys the commitment of many heads of state and government to close the education funding gap.
  • Offers an update on the innovative International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd). Through public and private donors, IFFEd can mobilize new financial resources – up to $10 billion annually. The 2017 Group of 20 Leaders’ Declaration acknowledged the proposed Finance Facility and supported its advancement
  • Describes the new Education Workforce Initiative, that offers fresh thinking about the role of teachers and their support staff.
  • Commits to Progressive Universalism, aiming to ensure that all advancements in education will benefit even the hardest to reach and most vulnerable young people.

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