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I want to raise our African girls to reach for the stars

Imagine a peaceful African country with unparalleled technological sophistication, a diverse and educated population, and strong, brilliant women in positions of power. This is the utopian vision of Wakanda – the fictitious African kingdom so stunningly created in the groundbreaking film of the moment, Black Panther. This Marvel superhero movie is not only breaking international box-office records but also shattering long-held cultural stereotypes and media representations of the African continent and the potential of its people.

Black Panther’s beautiful celebration of African brains and brawn is an inspiration for women and girls around the globe. One female character who steals the show is the younger sister of Wakandan King T’Challa, Shuri (played by Letitia Wright) – a self-assured 16-year-old science and engineering genius who develops the country’s most advanced technological creations. She is the brains behind the throne.

Here’s my wish for International Women’s Day: I want to raise our African girls to reach for the stars and become the next Shuris of the continent. That starts with making sure they all receive a quality education.

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