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Three years of progress

towards delivering the Learning Generation.

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the Learning Generation

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Children playing in Azerbaijan

We have spent three years working towards delivering the Learning Generation.

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See Youth activists and Gordon Brown deliver petition to UN Secretary-General, MaY 11, 2018

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Jobs of the future will require skills of the future. That’s why our team is rethinking how education systems can equip teachers to best deliver instruction: educationcommission.… #RISEConf2018…

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About the Commission

The Education Commission is a major global initiative engaging world leaders, policy makers and researchers to develop a renewed and compelling investment case and financing pathway for achieving equal educational opportunity for children and young people.

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Global Engagement

Over the last year, the Commission invited organizations, NGOs, teachers, young people and civil society to be a part of their effort to inspire global decision makers to finance and deliver quality education for all.

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