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The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (the Education Commission) is a major global initiative engaging world leaders, policy makers and researchers to develop a renewed and compelling investment case and financing pathway for achieving equal educational opportunity for children and young people.

Presented to the United Nations Secretary-General in September 2016, the Education Commission’s Learning Generation report put forward an action plan calling for the largest expansion of educational opportunity in history. Following the presentation the Commissioners continue to disseminate the Learning Generation report and agenda for action, inspire and motivate reforms in financing and delivery of education and structure partnerships to carry forward the recommendations.

In the Media

Education saved my life (Project Syndicate)

From the article: NEW YORK – My family was murdered before I could tie my shoes. As a young boy in Sierra Leone, years that should have been playful and carefree were spent fighting in someone else’s war. For me, childhood was a nightmare; escape always... read more

The asset we cannot afford to neglect (Project Syndicate)

From the article: Improving education outcomes will demand national-level reforms underpinned by a relentless focus on quality, equity, and results. But, at a time of fiscal austerity in donor countries, the International Finance Facility for Education’s promise... read more

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For media inquires, email media_requests@educationcommission.org


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